Monday, February 06, 2006

So, Ivonne says to me, "You should have your own blog!" And, here I am. Sitting in front of my computer screen, wondering what to say. How come I can always think of great things to say when I'm driving in my car. I'll just start by telling you how I came to be here ("here" being this web site as opposed to "here" being on this planet).

I first heard about RSS feeds from Chris Prillo of Lockergnome fame. He was raving about RSS three or four years ago. He said that soon everyone would be using RSS to keep up with their news/blogs/web sites. I downloaded and tried Atom, but just couldn't get the hang of it. Then, last year, I found Pluck. To me it was just more user friendly. So, I downloaded it and have been using it ever since. What's the big deal, you say? Well, for one thing I don't have to randomly click all over the web, put something in my Favorites folder, then promptly forget it. With a reader, any time new content is added, you see it because the name is in bold. Simple, right! Now, if a site doesn't have an RSS link, I won't even bother with it.

Then, late last year, I "discovered" food blogs, and I was hooked! A food blog addict. One of my favorites is Accidental Hedonist. Kate posts everyday with articles ranging from wine tasting to USDA inaptitude. It's quite impressive. And the pictures! She posts pictures of the recipe she just made in addition to giving you the recipe. I love it and read it every day. Including the comments. And lots of the commentors have blogs and sites of their own. So, I click on their link and read their blogs too. And THAT'S how I came upon Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice.

I love that Ivonne also posts pictures. But, not just of the finished product. She also shows you what the recipe steps should look like. I really like that. And, she's a wonderful writer. I wanted to subscribe to her blog, but, alas! No RSS feed. I emailed her and asked her if she might consider putting one on her site. And, she did! In the process of working out the details, we've emailed each other quite a bit and learned a little about each other. She's a wonderful lady and I'm happy to have "met" her.

So, now we come full circle. And, here I am. Sitting in front of my computer and wondering what to write about. Ah, well. Maybe I'll think of something... later...

Oh! If you happen to get lost, and come across my blog. Please stop for a moment and say "hi". And, hopefully, come again. I'm going to try and put a Pluck icon on here so that you can subscribe to my blog, too. If Blogger will let me, that is. It says that it has an Atom reader...

The world truly is a small place.


Ivonne said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay for Sally!!!

I almost had a tear in my eye reading that! Good for you! You clearly have a tremendous voice and I think you have a lot of great things to say!

Keep on blogging my dear!

(And thanks for the kind words!)

Sally said...

Oh! Ivonne! Thanks for coming by! Glad you like it. Hope you come again.