Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Snowy Thoughts

It's snowing today. The kind of snow that just slowly drifts to earth making everything more muted and quiet. The big, showy flakes. As I was standing outside, having a cigarette and watching the snow, the Methodist church campanile started playing some beautiful song. Moments like those make you happy to be alive.

It reminded me of Sunday nights, playing darts up at the bar. We used to have a crowd of people (15 to 20 some times) drawing for partners and playing cricket on the two old machines Beth had. I loved standing there, waiting for my turn to throw, and watching the snow fly outside the door. It made me feel all safe and warm, standing there, drink in hand surrounded by friends. Another moment of happy to be alive.

I guess we live for those moments. Makes all the bullshit in between worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Sally!

You're a great writer!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Sally. I know exactly how you feel, since I, too, was one of those dart players surrounded by friends, drinks, good times and sometimes snow!....many fond memories there!