Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fern Leaf Peony - 2007

This is quite a bit different from this -

The above picture was taken last summer. That early April freeze really took it's toll on my Fern Leaf Peony as well as the Surprise Lillies which you can see in the background. I'll be very "surprised" if they bloom this year.

Below zero temperatures, blizzards and now rain has made this an interesting spring. I did get my garden in the last weekend in April though, and am I glad I did! I usually wait until Mother's Day to plant just to make sure we aren't hit with any late frosts, but we decided to work the ground as soon as it dried out to get our plants in. It was a perfect weekend with temps in the high 70's. The soil was pure heaven to work with. Then it rained the entire next week so we were really glad we hadn't waited.

Needless to say, the farmers are beside themselves with worry. The corn isn't all planted yet and the rains keep them from working the fields. But farmers, and gardeners, are a patient lot.
On another note - it was absolutely gorgeous this past weekend. DH and I golfed and gardened. It was a perfect Mother's Day. I hope all you "mothers" out there had a wonderful weekend as well.


A wildlife gardener said...

These are an exquisite colour!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

It's one thing for a home gardener to be patient and another for a farmer making his living on it. But it does all require patience.
Glad you had a perfect Mother's Day!

Sally said...

Hi W.G. - Yes, it really is a beautiful bush.

Hi Tanna - You too!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I hope your fern leaf peony comes back. I am hoping for the best with our surprise lilies. If the bleeding hearts are an indicator they will bloom this year, the bleeding hearts came back 90%, there were not quite as many blooms but they bloomed!