Friday, April 20, 2007

Kitchen Tools

I decided I'd better make some bread pudding today to use up some old bread we had and, besides, it's DH's favorite dessert. While cubing up the bread to put it in the bowl, I thought about some sort of kitchen gadget I'd seen "out there" (on the web) that was touted as perfect for cubing bread. I thought that maybe you might need such a thing if all you did was cube bread all day, but for six slices of bread, that might be a little bit of overkill. Which lead me to think about Ivonne's (my baking goddess) question to me way back when we were making crostata. She asked me if I had a food processor. Not an unfair question to be sure, especially in today's world. But it got me to giggling, then finally laughing uncontrollably.

After I got the dogs quieted down and assured that, no - mom has not lost her mind (completely), I decided to post my "food processor".

AND, it comes complete with attachments!

On the left is my pastry blender and on the right is my food chopper! See? I'm completely modern and up-to-date in all the latest kitchen utensils. And, yes, that is a cast iron knife brought from the nursing home. Even though I've bought two new knives from Pampered Chef (and they are lovely knives) this is still my "go to" knife for chopping. It's light weight and easily sharpened. It does, however, tire my hand if I have too much chopping to do (like during apple season). Maybe my new knives will be used more then. Who knows.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...


Sally said...

Thanks Tanna! *grins*

tammy said...

Confession: I can't make pie crusts without a food processor. I mean, I can make them, but they suck. I nearly flunked out of culinary school because of it. But give me a food processor, and I can make the flakiest, most delicious pie crusts. And that's all I use my food processor for!

I'm envious of your skills. Enjoy the bread pudding.

Sally said...

Tammy - I have never, ever, used a food processor. But if I had the counter space you can bet I'd have one. As it is, most of my appliances have to sit on a shelf in the basement which doesn't exactly inspire me to make anything that would require me going to the basement to schlepp something upstairs. And, my pie crusts suck too.

A wildlife gardener said...

I bet you are just being modest...your food will taste great regardless of whether you have the latest state of the art equipment or not...remember hunger is the best sauce anyway!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Your food processor looks just like mine except my knife is a 30 year old knife from the Rath Packing Co! I also have other newer knives but always use the old one, my husband keeps it nice and sharp for me.