Sunday, June 11, 2006

Challenge - Use What You Have

I have just decided to do a personal challenge this week. From today (June 11) through Saturday (June 17) I am NOT GOING TO BUY ONE FOOD ITEM! Each week we throw out enough uneaten food to feed a third world nation (OK...maybe one family in a third world nation) and I am absolutely appalled at my waste. My cupboards, freezer and refrigerator are stuffed to overflowing with food and I refuse to buy another thing until some of this stuff gets used.

So, during the coming week, I am going to challenge myself to cook meals using what I already have. This may be tricky as we still have our 6 yr. old grandson with us, but I think I can figure out things he will like which will be tasty without resorting to breakfast cereal for supper (although pancakes may figure heavily for breakfast).

I'll post the results daily. Wish me luck!


The Old Foodie said...

Sally, what a fantastic idea! Saving money, reducing waste, being mindful of others less fortunate, and a stimulus to be creative with ingredients! We should all do this from time to time. Do let us know what you make, wont you? Or maybe post a list of fridge and pantry ingredients and lets see what your fans come up with as recipe ideas.

Sally said...

O.F. - What a great idea! Or, maybe take pictures of each. The freezer is my problem. I'm not even sure what all is in there! LOL I'll do it! Thanks!