Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter 2006

Yesterday was Easter and for the first time in 6 years we didn't have Q. I think DH and I felt a little lost all day long without him. Quinten is our grandson and we have been blessed to have been able to have him the first week of every month since he was 6 months old. But now that he's in kindergarten we must work around his school schedule and Easter vacation wasn't an option. Of course, we did just have him a week and a half for Spring Break, so I can't be too bummed out. But it just wasn't the same without him.

Nevertheless, we used the weekend well. DH turned the soil behind the garages and put the manure on the gardens and I planted flower seeds in the one. It was a perfect day - sunny and warm. I was really glad we did that on Saturday as it just poured on Sunday! Actually, we needed a little rain around here even though the Des Moines River is flooding on both sides of us from northern rains and snow melt. The area around here has missed all the rains that have been falling for the past couple of weeks and the farmers have been planting like crazy. I imagine they will have most of their corn planted by the end of April. That's a little early and they sometimes have to replant flooded out portions of the field later in May. But I imagine when you farm as many acres as these guys do, you have to get on it as soon as you can or you'd never get it all in. I'm glad I just have my two little garden plots to worry about and fuss over.

So it was just the two of us for Easter dinner. When DH told me he wanted ham for dinner last Wednesday I ran to the store to buy one figuring they'd be completely sold out. The only bone-in ham Billie had left was a 10 lb. Smithson spiral cut and the only thing that would hold it was my electric roaster. I cooked it on low for 5 hours and it was delicious. Needless to say, we have leftovers - LOTS of leftovers. (Thank God for my Seal-a-Meal!) I'll be on the look-out for leftover ham recipes for the next week. I also made the free-form apple pie that Don has been begging for. This time I got a picture of it! I had to use two crusts this time as the apples were much bigger than the last one I made. I did an egg wash and sprinkled some sugar on the top crust, otherwise it is the same recipe as before.

Dinner was simple and satisfying. No Easter eggs, no candy, no crying that his cousin got more eggs than he did. *sigh* Maybe next year.... I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend too.


Ivonne said...

Hi Sally!

It sounds like you and DH had a lovely day and a lovely meal. Do you know that I have NEVER had spiral cut ham! If I ever come to visit you in Iowa you'll have to make it for me ...


Joe Pastry said...

So you're not Australian!

Finally paid you a visit after a long day, Sally. Good to read your stuff, too. I'll be back often.

- Joe

Joe said...

So you're not Australian!

Finally paid you a visit after a long day, Sally. Good to read your stuff, too. I'll be back often.

- Joe

Sally said...

Ivonne - Our local butcher makes a ham that has won national prizes..and I've never had one! Shame on me! I didn't think about them until after I had bought this one. I promise that if you ever come to Iowa, I will definitely make you a ham dinner. LOL

Joe - Australian?! Nope. Iowan born and bred. Glad you stopped by and thanks for the nice comment.