Friday, April 21, 2006

Computer Stuff

Last week DH's computer puked up garbage and we were forced to call in the troops. As they carted it away to try and fix it, I decided I'd better do a little backing up of mine. My computer is the oldest and is the workhorse of the office. It contains all of our billing, forms, word files, data base for closed client files, etc., etc. In other words, if that baby crashed we'd be in a world of hurt. So when I got the error message telling me there was no more disc space for my backups I kinda freaked out. When I looked at my drive, sure enough, that little pie was almost completely blue! 20 fricking gigs, and it was full! Shit. This isn't the best time to have to shell out the money for a new set up, but it looked like there really wasn't much choice.

We bit the bullet and ordered a new system on Monday. And yesterday I took my old machine in to have the data migrated into the new one. Now I'm just waiting for them to deliver it and I'm a nervous wreck. Partly because there is literally nothing I can do, and partly because I'm scared that all of my files will be gone. Just - gone. I know that won't be the case, but with every new computer you always run into some kind of 19 cent assache and frankly I can't afford to have anything happen to my files.

Needless to say, my mind has been absorbed with computer stuff for the past week and a half and I've not been able to concentrate enough to post on here. Since Barry just arrived with my new machine, I think I'll go play for a while.

200 gig hard drive! Bet I don't fill that sucker up for a while!


tanna said...

Don't count on it lasting too long. It's surprising how fast you can fill it up, especially with pictures. You were really smart. I just had my hard drive crash about 6 weeks ago. Hadn't backed up in 3 months. I still haven't recovered.

Sally said...

I know! And my computer is the one responsible for running the office. We kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn't crash. I think we lucked out on this one. DH's had a couple of virus going on, but got that cleaned up OK. I'm going to hate to see the bill from the computer store. But I'd hate it even worse if I had to re-enter ALL that information (9 yrs. worth!). Ack!