Saturday, April 19, 2008

Resuming Womanhood

I have a very dear friend named Stacey who has just started a new blog called Resuming Womanhood. She has been diagnosed with Polycistic ovary syndrome and has just started a new medical regime to counteract the effects of PCOS. Please take a moment to go over and encourage her on her road to recovery.

I'm very proud of you Stacey!


Stacey said...

Sally, you are so sweet! Thank You So Much!! I know we haven't met outside the internet, but you are still one of my dearest friends ever!! Lots of Love!!! ~Stacey

Sally said...

You're more than welcome Stacey. This disease is just *too* common and more women need to know how to deal with it. I hope your blog helps them with it.

A wildlife gardener said...

Thanks for sharing your friend's story on her blog with us, Sally. You are a generous person :)

There are some new visitors at Barleycorn :)

Mike M said...

You are a champion Stacy!!