Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Love

I hope everyone had a really great Mother's Day this past weekend. I know I did! Della offered to come up and paint the woodwork in the living room for me and, believe me, I jumped all over that.

The woodwork throughout the house is Italiante (read: ornate) and painted (read: beautiful). And, yes, it was designed to be painted. Having painted it throughout the rest of the house, I knew how long it takes to get two coats on all the curves and doodads and miles of mopboards with it's curves and quarter-rounds. I painted the dining room, woodwork and all, a few years before and I chose not to paint the living room's trim. My back and knees just couldn't take another room!

So Saturday, bright and early, we start cleaning and caulking the living room woodwork. She wanted to go on into the north room, but luckily we ran out of caulk...seven hours and two tubes of caulk later(!) We barely had enough to finish the living room. Hey - it's an old house.

After a nice supper (uptown) we called it a night, deciding to start painting in the morning. EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS later, we finished the living room! As we lay on the floor, admiring our work, Della turned to me and said "I can't believe I thought we could get TWO rooms done this weekend!" (I knew we couldn't but I wasn't about to discourage her from wanting to help me!)

We were exhausted, sore and numb from being on our knees and up and down ladders for over 8 straight hours. But we were proud. It really does make a difference. Wanna see?


Entrance to the north room


Entrance to the dining room


Detail of a door

Isn't it pretty? I'm glad it's done because it really makes the room look good.

But the BESTEST part of Mother's Day? That my daughter spent it with me. We laughed and talked and shared things that have never been spoken of before. I got to know her just a little bit better and I hope she feels that she knows me a little more now as well. She's turned in to a lovely, wonderful woman and I'm so very proud of her. And she's a damn good mommy too. Quinten's a lucky boy.

Oh....and she brought me this -




mari said...

I've helped my mother with her house before, so I know what kind of back-breaking work goes into painting! What a great job! I think I have the same KitchenAid mixer. Just a different color. You're gonna luuuuuuv that one.

Terri B. said...

So nice to get some help painting that trim! We live in one of those CA bungalows with tons of woodwork. Painted the living room last year and I couldn't believe how much time we spent just on wood trim. Oh, and very very nice mixer! Happy Mother's Day to you.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

That was one incredible mother's day Sally I am so happy for you! Different getting to know an adult child. The paint job looks fantastic. The KitchenAid looks um RED ;)) and holds an incredible future!!

Sally said...

Mari - It was worth all the pain, believe me! I've pined (whined) for one of these puppies since watching Martha Stewart on TV.

Terri - Those Victorians were *really* fond of wood trim, weren't they?

Tanna - Ya, an adult child thinks they know everything! *wink* And it IS red!! Delicious, sleek, sexy red!!

Reenie said...

Red is my favorite color. I used to have a kitchen painted high gloss red. My current dining room is painted a cranberry-like red.

Great pics!

Sally said...

Hi Reenie! Actually, my dining room is painted orange. Go back and look at my New Year's Day Party post and you'll see it. Oh! I'll bet you're talking about my mixer! Doh! Isn't it purty?

A wildlife gardener said...

Mothers and daughters...very special relationship :)

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Our mothers are our best friends for they love us unconditionally :)

Sally said...

Very true, W.G., very true.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

She did a great job on that woodwork! And what a beautiful red Kitchen Aid, I would miss mine, but mine is just plain old white..........the red is really pretty.

Ginni Dee said...

Hi there, I'm visiting from Iowa Gardening Woman's blog and just wanted to tell you that I lived in Algona for a few years after I was first married. My DH was from Irvington (not sure if you've heard of that little one horse town or not). I saw that you are from West Bend. I just wanted to say HI!

P.S. You're going to LOVE the Kitchen Aid mixer! They really are great!!

Sally said...

Jenny - I have wanted one of these KitchenAides for so long, I wouldn't have cared what color it was!

Ginni Dee - Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Of course I know where Irvington is (I've been to the pits!).

Glenda said...

I'm such a slacker....haven't visited your blog for over two weeks! That was so great of Della to come spend the time with you and help with all of that woodwork. It looks sensational! I have to agree with you, she IS a great girl and a good Mommy, but then she comes from pretty good stock! Her taste in gifts are exceptional too! Congrats on the Kitchen Aid! I'm sure you'll put it to good use! Hope to get up there sometime soon to see you all!

Sally said...

Glenda - I'm just happy when you DO visit and comment. I'm now freaking out because I haven't done a thing in the garden. Bettina and I are going to Millie's this week to get our plants. I've never planted this later before!

You can come up on the 7th and help Della and me rip out carpet....

Glenda said...

I'm kind of freaking out too...waiting for ground and air temps to cooperate...if I didn't push the zone so much, I wouldn't have to worry so much! *grins* I'll see what's going on on the 7th...may just take you up on that if we don't have any games for Josh going or Lynda having to work...

Ginni Dee said...

LOL Sally...Irvington IS the pits!!! Wahahahahaha