Sunday, May 28, 2006

Belvidere Cemetery, May 2006

Bettina says that in Germany (her homeland) the graves themselves are planted with flowers. She says its like a park with trees and shrubs and flowers - but no grass. Kind of like this I imagine. This was taken at Belvidere Cemetery near Turin, where I grew up. Apparently the custodian is (or was) more lax in allowing families to plant near or on the graves. Nowadays they don't like you to plant flowers because it is harder for the custodian to mow. In my family plot there are beautiful peonies planted by the grave stones. Unfortunately, they were not blooming when I went to decorate yesterday. (Maybe a road trip is in order later so that I can photograph them?)

But, isn't this beautiful? I love seeing the flowers in bloom at the cemeteries. Belvidere is a pretty little cemetery on the top of (another) hill. Even though I don't have anyone buried there, I still like to drive through it and look at the decorations. Since Turin is in Belvidere Township I know many of the names etched on the grave stones. Unfortunately, I can picture the face with many of those names.

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