Sunday, May 21, 2006

Amish Friendship Bread Starter

From Ginger at All Recipes:

1 (.25 oz.) package active dry yeast
1/4 cup warm water (110 degrees F)
3 cups all-purpose flour, divided
3 cups white sugar, divided
3 cups milk

1. In a small bowl, dissolve yeast in water. Let stand 10 minutes. In a 2 quart NON-METAL bowl, combine 1 cup flour and 1 cup sugar. Mix thoroughly or flour will lump when milk is added. Slowly stir in 1 cup milk and dissolved yeast mixter. Cover loosely and let stand until bubbly (or pour it into a gallon freezer bag). Consider this Day 1 of the 10 day cycle. Leave at room temperature.

2. On Days 2 through 5 mush the bag (or stir the starter). Day 5, stir in 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup milk. Days 6 through 9 mush the bag (or stir) only.

3. On Day 10, stir in 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup milk. Remove 1 cup to make your first bread and give your friends 1 cup of starter in one gallon freezer bags along with this recipe and your favorite Amish Bread recipe. Store the remaining 1 cup (divided) starter in a container in the refrigerator (or freezer) or begin the 10 day process over again (beginning with step 2).

I think that's fairly clear and not too complicated. So, of course, I screwed it up. I followed the recipe I got with my starter which said to do this:

"On Day 10, pour the entire contents of the bag into a non-metal bowl. Add 1 1/2 cups flour, 1 1/2 cups sugar and 1 1/2 cups milk. Then measure out 4 separate batters of 1 cup each into 4 separate 1 gallon zip lock bags. Give them to 4 friends with a copy of this recipe."

Which is what I did. I ended up with 6 freezer bags and about 2 cups of the batter to make my breads with. I'm so confused!

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