Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Project Playlist

Wooohooooo!! I didn't know you could add music to a blog! I've had this Project Playlist on my MySpace for a while now, and just found out that I could post it to my blog. I've got it on top of my profile info so you can turn it off if you really hate my music. It's on auto-start right now. And, it will interfer with music that plays on my Smilebox slideshows so be sure to stop it before clicking on the "play" button in Smilebox.

Ain't technology grand?

If you want to keep listening and surfing, just click on the Pop Out Player part and it goes onto your task bar. Cool beans! The player here on my site only plays six out of the 70-some songs I have loaded.

And, yes - I know that I have weird taste in music. Some of the songs on the pop-out player might not really be safe for work. I'm just saying.


Update 10-3-08: Oh, oh, oh!! I just discovered that all my songs are there, you just can't scroll down to them and (apparently) it doesn't play in random order on here either. So, if you want to see the rest, click on the last song and browse until you find something interesting. I REPEAT: some songs are NSW ("Dear Penis" by Rodney Carrington comes to mind).


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

You are getting so techie Sally! I keep meaning to look into music on the blog but haven't found the time.

Fifi Flowers said...

Speaking of music on your blog... I usually have the sound down on my computer... anyway... I click to go on to your blog and then walked in the other room while it loaded... all of a sudden I heard beautiful ENYA singing... I walked all over the house to figure out where it was coming from... LOL... when I walked back into my studio area... voila... it was YOUR BLOG!
GREAT music... thank goodness I"m not going crazy afterall!

Sally said...

LOL Fifi! I love Enya and especially that first song. I call it "Zep's Song" after my cat. When I would play this, Zep wanted to be held and rocked as I hummed along with the music. I think he thought I was purring to him. Like I said, I do have many, many more songs on that playlist that you can hear in the pop-out player. Thanks for the nice comment.