Monday, December 03, 2007

Blog Thoughts

As I was taking a break yesterday, thinking about my posts, the strangest thought occured to me: Someone, somewhere in the world, was right now reading one of my posts.

I know this becase of my Site Meter report I get every Sunday. It told me I had an average of 55 hits this past week, with an average time spent at the page around a minute and a half. Since I don't post very often (ahem) that means that they're reading old posts. Probably found on some search for something and they decided to read what I'd written. That just blows my mind!

HEY, PEOPLE! How ya doin'? Um... you can comment if you like. See, I moderate my comments. Which means when you write something I get an email asking me to accept or reject the comment. So, if you read something you like, tell me about it! Doesn't matter how old the post is, I'll know if you say something.

(Meanwhile, the 3 or 4 people who read my pitiful attempts at writing whenever it pops up on their RSS readers are going, "Holy crap! Two posts in one day!!" Yep. I'm going for a record here.)


Alanna said...

Hello! It's amazing to know people arrive and read, isn't it!!

tammy said...

That is, in fact, what I said. "Holy crap, two posts!!!"

Sally said...

Alanna - It really is. Crazy the world we live in, isn't it.

Tammy - I was thinking of you. *grins*

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I know it's crazy but it's hard to think anybody really reads my stuff but somebody does sometimes.
Yes, admittedly two is cool!

Sally said...

Tanna - Yea, well, Ms. 66-Commentor Person (LOL!), when you're a loving, funny person, people will come and come again. I know I do!