Friday, March 23, 2007

Playing in the Dirt

Oh, poo. Now that I've told you the Obama story, I might as well show you what he did yesterday.

After the big toy soldier battle he had to bury the dead. Little boy fashion, he's digging a shallow grave with a stick (and his hands) to bury them in. The recent ice storm brought down plenty of branches for this grave task. (sorry...couldn't help myself!)

It's a good thing grandma has a nice "new" bathtub! This is the first week where the weather has actually acted like spring and he has been taking advantage of every minute. It's his spring break so we have had him all week long. (Spring break? In grade school???)

While he was busy digging, I baked some cookies. The gooey, double chocolate kind. Of course, he gets to lick the bowl.

I don't know whose luckier - us or him.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Great pictures, love the hands and then licking the bowl. Who's luckier? ...that not a question with an answer! Enjoy!

Sally said...

Hi Tanna - Of COURSE I made him wash his hands first!! LOL He's all boy.