Friday, March 16, 2007


It just occurred to me (on my drive home from the grocery store) that most of my ideas for blog entries happen while I'm driving. I can think of the neatest things to talk about. In my mind I have the entire post drafted exactly how I want it to read. But the minute I park the car and enter the house I immediately forget what I wanted to say! Probably because the dogs are barking and jumping because they have to pee, or I have to put the groceries away, or the phone rings and DH wants to know where I put some paper at the office. I'm not complaining, mind you. It would be a barren life without the dogs or the chores or my work. And, of course, without DH to liven up my days. Time enough for that when I'm at the nursing home.

I get why people bad-mouth nursing homes. I really do. Having grown up in one I know that (for most people anyway) it's the last step to the grave and they fear that. I figure you have to die somewhere and, besides, all my friends will be there too. As long as it has an internet connection I'll be happy. I can just picture myself, sitting in my pedchair in my baggy jeans and sweatshirt with my laptop blinking happily back at me. I just hope I have something to say besides how shitty the food is.

You might have noticed that this isn't strictly a "food blog" or a "garden blog" or a "pets/kids blog". It's more of a ME blog! It's about things that affect me in my life today and what's affected me and shaped me in the past. It's me trying to convey a small piece of my life and my memories while I can. It's not only about me, it is also for me. So when I'm sitting there in my chair at the nursing home I can re-read these silly posts and remember and (hopefully) smile.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I'm only 56. I'm a LONG way from going into a nursing home! It's just something I was thinking about in the car on the way home. See? Told ya.


tammy said...

I always get my inspiration in the shower. I have piles of index cards all over the house to write down ideas before I forget them, but not, unfortunately, in the shower.

Some of my most prized possessions are the pictures, recipes, and journals from my older (some now deceased) relatives. Hence, the cookbook. Our lives may sound ordinary to us now, but they won't to future generations. Blog on, sister.

Sally said...

Thanks Tammy. I love what you're doing on Fridays. You are very fortunate that you have those pictures and recipes, plus having people around you that remember. I wish you could get your cookbook published! I'll buy it!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Many of us bloggers are doing this for ourselves and our family to have later. Perhaps some of the younger ones don't realize yet the value of that.
I used to get all my ideas running but now I walk with my husband and we talk too much for me to get ideas. Ideas rather take me by surprise.