Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's here! My postcard finally arrived! All the way from India, too. I was really beginning to worry since I haven't had the best of luck with the postal service lately. (Right Ivonne?) But it came yesterday and I was so excited to see what Ekta sent me.

It is this wonderful hand-made card. I was, however, heartbroken when it arrived damaged. As you can see, the beautiful painting on the front of the card is all but completely worn off. The hand-made paper is a delight - even the envelope is made this way. And Ekta wrote me such a lovely Valentine's note as well. I was so thrilled.

Thank you, Ekta, for your wonderful card and thoughtful note. And thank YOU Meeta, for hosting another exciting Blogger Postcards Around The World event!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Gettinf these postcards is a thrill. I got mine a while ago but the one I sent hasn't seemed to arrive yet.
Pretty card.

Sally said...

It was a beautiful card. I'm just sad that the painting on the front of it rubbed off.

Ivonne said...

Such a pretty card!

ektaran said...

Hey Sally...actually a lil embarrassed at seeing what u got...Don't know what happened with the postal service...shud have enclosed the card in a bigger/better envelope...neways atleast u recd ur card..Hope you had a nice time on the 14th...tc..cheerios!!


Sally said...

Hi Ivonne - yes, it was very unique and pretty.

Hi Ekta - In this instance, bigger would not have been better. It was the rubbing of the painted surface against the envelope that caused the paint to come off. It's just one of those things. Thanks again for such a unique card.