Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Celtic Bagpipes

For those of you who like a little more "traditional" celtic pipe music, this guy is pretty darned good.


waiter said...

Too funny. Love it. keep it coming.

A wildlife gardener said...

Well, Dear Sandy, that stirred my blood as only the bagpipes could do, coming from The Land O' The Bagpipes', as I do...Bonnie Scotland :)

While he was playing I was dancing an eightsome reel (in my mind) as it was perfect timing for that fast dance.

As we say in Scotland, hee-eeeugh!
I'd love him to play at the next Scottish wedding I attend...

When my younger son married a French girl last September, we had a Scottish ceilidh after the reception...and all the French guests joined in the dancing. We had quite a time of it, I can tell you. The wedding went on till 5am!

Thanks for sharing the video :)

Here's the latest video of Barleycorn in June ...

Sally said...

Waiter - Um..thanks. And what the hell you doing reading MY blog?!?

Thanks W.G. I'm Scots/Irish myself, so I love, love, LOVE the pipes!