Friday, December 12, 2008

A Gift From Tanna

Look what came in the mail today.  My Play It Forward gift from Tanna at My Kitchen In Half Cups.  On the left is a Lemon Tea Cake, center is Mom's Filled Cookies and right is Mandel Bread.  I've sampled them all and, boy! are they delicious!  Thank you sooooo much Tanna!  Happy Holidays to you too!IMGP2010


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

What a delightful plate to display them on!
So glad you enjoyed the sweets.

Gin said...

Wow, those look so yummy!!!! How sweet of Tanna!!

Sally said...

Tanna - They're not going to get much "display" time. DH really liked the lemon tea cakes. Thanks again, so much. I'm so happy you're my friend and you're such a good baker!

Ginni - They were sooooo good! Tanna is one of my "oldest" on-line friends. She's been with me right from the start. She is truly a special friend.

mari said...

Lucky you! And I love that plate as well. I'm so behind in my baking...sigh.