Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Masthead

Do you like my new masthead? Those cookies came from Mari and I was just thrilled to get them! Thank you sooooo much, Mari!

Mari is doing some updating on her website, so the cha-no-mari link isn't working. I'll put the link up as soon as she gets it fixed.

Edit: Link fixed. Go check out Mari's blog.


mari said...

Wow! Thanks for the mention and sticking me in the masthead!!!

BTW, my blog is back, and my site's up and running now. I changed webhosts, and we're still having trouble reestablishing the blog database, which is kind of complicated.

I hope you ate the cookies!!!

Sally said...

Mari - The cookies are still in the 'frig because I'm just not happy with the background of that picture. I want to do those cookies justice with a nice picture. Never fear - we *will* eat them (dang!). Some day. LOL

Ginni Dee said...

I checked out Mari's's great! But reading that doesn't help my diet ... LOL!!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I LOVE the new masthead!