Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Day 2007

I think I've finally recovered from our annual New Year's Day party. It was a short crowd this year owing to flu and weather. Considering some of the parties we've had in the past, this was a nice, manageable size. This is our seventh year hosting this party and it is looked forward to each year. I fixed George's Maid Rites, Ham and Bean as well as Chicken Noodle soups, snackie things, plus a full bar. Kathy made hot wings and Bettina brought deviled eggs. After New Year's Eve, it's nice to just eat, drink, visit and relax with friends. Here are some photos I'd like to share showing family and friends gathered for a day of eating, drinking, football and a nice friendly game of Scattegories:

The table is full, but the hot stuff is in the kitchen. As you can see, that's where everyone gathers:

That's my DH directing traffic.

There's ice in the ice chest in the living room....

Kathy's favorite spot,

and Quinten's too!

Traffic jam.

Bettina's daughter, Dani.

Bettina, Gary, Natalie and Dustin. And what did you do last night, Dustin?

Dustin and my daughter Della. Wonder why he doesn't want his photo taken?

The contestants in the "best pickled egg" contest. Mine are the beet eggs. I lost.

"Doc" and Karla Vernon. And, yes, that room really is orange.

Concentrating hard for Scattagories in the north room. Notice we had a blizzard the night before.

Santa among the herbs. That's it for this year folks. Hope your New Year's celebrations were lots of fun too.


sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

Now, that looks like family fun! Did you have black-eyed peas and greens?

Tanna said...

Your eggs should have won. Your daughter is a real knock out!!! And that looks like a fabulous party.

Sally said...

Hi Sandi - Thanks for stopping by. Nope, just bean soup (w/black-eyed peas in it). That's a southern tradition (the peas and greens, I mean). But it was great fun!

Hi Tanna - They were good looking, weren't they. There's some left, want them? And, thanks, she is pretty isn't she? Don't know where she got it from. LOL

Bettina said...

We love that new years day party and do look forward to it every year. Those pictures turned out great Sally. So sorry your eggs lost, lol. They sure were pretty.

Kristen said...

Food and fun! Looks wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

that looks like so much fun. i love that orange color. it looks like a "hot" orange :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally! How fun! I lived in Iowa for 6 years and LOVED it. Happy New year! Lotsa good wishes, Smita

Anonymous said...

Sally - thanks for the look in on my kitchen, I'll let you know when it is finished!

Happy new year too

Sally said...

Hi Bettina - the pics turned out pretty good didn't they? That's OK, I discovered pickled eggs are a "learned" delicacy.

Kristen, Rachel, Smita and Roo - Thanks so much for your kind comments. Wasn't this fun!