Sunday, July 23, 2006

Postcards From The World

In today's fast-paced world the art of letter writing has definitely taken a back seat to emails, instant messaging and text messaging. Not only has our penmanship suffered, but the language itself has changed with the effort to write the most words with the fewest amount of letters. IMHO* this change is mostly good. It allows us to keep in touch with family and friends almost instantaneously without having to get off the computer to use the telephone (for those poor schmucks still using dial up - LOL). Or, if you're like me and are on the phone 90% of your day, you certainly don't feel like spending an hour on the phone talking to your mother/friend/co-worker/whatever.

So why is it that when I go to the post office and see an actual letter, my heart sort of skips a beat with anticipation? I've thought about this and I believe it's because someone has actually thought of me and taken the time to set their thoughts to paper and send it off. Unfortunately this is a rarity in today's world. Even Christmas and birthday cards have been replaced with e-cards. And I'm just as guilty as the next person.

I remember when my parents would take us on vacation every summer to such exotic places as the Black Hills or Yellowstone Park. Mom would buy postcards for us kids to send to grandma or friends and I always picked the cheesiest ones I could find. You know the ones with the giant rabbit with horns on it's head, or the one of Godzilla storming down a city street with the words "Wish You Were Here" on the front? Yep. Those were my picks.

Postcards are a way of saying "I'm thinking of you while I'm here having fun". They're kind of like text messaging - with a picture. That's why when I saw Meeta's idea about bloggers from all over the world exchanging postcards anonymously I was instantly hooked. Who doesn't like getting postcards? And to get one from someone whom you only know vicariously through their respective blogs - well, that would be outstanding!

Count me in, Meeta!

*In My Humble Opinion

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