Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Cookbook Challenge

Alicat and Sara have cooked up a fun challenge over at Weekend Cookbook Challenge. Challenge No. 3 (which just ended) was "Something Orange". That's it. You had to make something orange (in color, at least) and submit it, along with a photo, to them for posting. Check out the entries - amazing!

Now I really regret giving away most of my cookbooks in a "decluttering" fit of hormone-induced cleaning. I gave three bookshelves (about 50-60 books) to my daughter to use or give to friends and charities. And there were some in there that I'd had and used for years! Now I'll never be able to replace them. Damn.

Their next challenge is Easter Breakfast/Brunch. Maybe I'll even be brave enough to enter! I wonder what "Treasures and Measures of West Bend" has in it.... hmmmmm....


Ivonne said...


Now that you have posted this, I better see an entry for you in WCC #4!!!

Sally said...

Oh, Ivonne - That's AGES away! LOL I'll try to remember to do it though. There's an egg dish I'd like to make anyway. I'm sure you'll come up with something fantastic, as usual. I love the concept of a weekend cookbook challenge. I wish I hadn't have given away all of my darn cookbooks!